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Childrens Hospital S7:E3 & S7:E4

S7:E3 “Sy’s Tenure”

Owen’s a DJ, Chief is trapped, and Sy decides to spend his hospital tenure building a jetpack!  From a score standpoint, this episode is pretty straightforward with variations on transitional cues I’ve written for the show over the years.  However the finale, when Sy straps on his jetpack to search the hospital for the lost Chief needed a big action/adventure moment!

S7:E4 “Dr Beth”

A spiritual sequel to last season’s “Fan Fiction,” “Dr Beth” delves into Nurse Beth’s origin from living in the hospital’s nurses quarters, and subbasement hellhole, to briefly being promoted to a doctor after saving the life a famous child star (played by Samm Levine) and then subsequently demoted back down to nurse.

Childrens Hospital S7:E1 & S7:E2

S7:E1 “Kids Hospital”

After being fired by Blake in last season’s finale, Cat, Lola and Owen find themselves working at Kids Hospital, a derelict clinic in the seedy part of Brazil run by Dr Kids and Kahn who welcome the new doctors by running them through an orientation that includes a hostage situation and a bear attack.

S7:E2 “One Million Saved”

Jon Hamm returns as Derrick Childrens, Valerie Flame’s alter ego.  Lola joins Derrick in a search for a hidden cure buried years ago by his father, Dr Arthur Childrens.  The haunting “Hidden Cure” theme runs through the episode as they search for clues.  In the end, after Derrick discovers that he himself is the cure he decides to leave Childrens Hospital for good.  Throughout the run of the show, I’ve focused more on situational themes for the score as plots change so dramatically from episode to episode, and so there aren’t too many character themes, but Valerie’s theme is one of them.  I used it for her introduction and subsequent reveal to be Derrick Childrens in disguise way back in season 2, so it seemed only fitting to return to that theme again when he leaves.

Childrens Hospital season 5 premiers this Thursday!

CH Season 5 image
Image Credit: Boss Creative yesboss.co/

Chicago Sun-Times:  Childrens Hospital is “one of the funniest shows on TV.”  It’s nice to see my hometown paper get it right!

Last Thursday, Childrens Hospital received its second Emmy nomination, and this Thursday is the premier of the fifth season!  Set your DVRs for midnight July 25th on Cartoon Network where an extra layer of craziness gets thrown in when the hospital staff moves to an army base in Japan.

As I write this, I’m just past the middle of the season and I can’t wait for everyone to see these episodes and hear the score.  I don’t want to give too much away yet, but I think I’ve written a couple of the biggest cues of the series so far, as well as some of the funnest.

Hope you enjoy it!

UPDATE: I’ll be adding excerpts from the score as the season airs.  Look for them under the Music tab!