Spare Change

Spare Change posterI’m thrilled to announce that “Spare Change” is now available on VOD!

After getting fired from her job by her boss Sheila (Krista Allen), millennial Jane (Lissa Lauria) is unable to find stable work. So along with her best friend Lily (Elyse Levesque), they hatch a plan to feign homelessness to make a quick buck; finding different, creative ways to get money from strangers.

Co-scored with my good friend and Quartertone Musik writing partner Allyson Newman. “Spare Change” is a fun, quirky indie score with subtle influences from pop and rock.  The primary challenge with the score was balancing out the music with the various song placements (there are many great ones, and even a couple by the lead actress, Lissa Lauria) while continuing to tell the story of Jane, so we decided to stick mainly with Jane’s theme which grounded the score and the story as we went with her journey.  The score grows, changes and evolves along with Jane by starting off quirky; switching gears to buckets and other street percussion when Jane pretends to panhandle; then finally adding in warmer instruments like acoustic guitar and strings as Jane starts to learn where her real place in life lies.

My drum kit

Spare Change” is co-directed by Arturo Guzman and Jonathan Talbert (Weeds, Orange is the New Black), and is available on iTunes and Amazon VOD.

Here are some selections from the score:

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