Childrens Hospital: “Spoiler Alert”

(S5: E8) In “Spoiler Alert,” Dr. Owen Maestro (Rob Huebel) does the unthinkable:  he gets a perm.  To remedy the situation, Chief, Cat and Chet decide to play a prank on him by making him think he’s a micronaut.

This episode gives me a good example to talk a little bit about the scoring process for this show.  When we do parodies, we usually score it straight, and then figure out which jokes need a little more space, which moments should be caught a little more, etc.  Pretty straightforward, really.  However, in the case for this episode, we originally wanted to do a full-on sci-fi score for the finale, so we temped it with the scores from “Fantastic Voyage” and “InnerSpace.”  However, once that was done it just felt too big.  Adding to the complication is the fact that the story isn’t really a parody, but a prank to make Owen think he’s been shrunk down.  Ultimately we scaled the cue way back so it leaves more space for jokes and puts the focus more on the prank itself.

Although a little part of me misses that original/big version of the cue, in the end, we ended up making the right choice for the scene.

Here’s that original version for your listening pleasure:

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