Childrens Hospital S6:E1 “5 Years Later”

The “Previously On” in the sixth season premiere of Childrens Hospital finds the staff wrapping up their time in Japan from last season and just as they’re getting ready to head back to Brazil, Owen is arrested for betting on surgeries, a crime he was framed by Chief.  Our “Previously On” cues this season are fairly short and sweet, but this gave me the chance to use the long form version to setup a sense of accomplishment for the staff before pulling the rug out when Owen gets arrested.

We then jump 5 years ahead when Owen gets out of prison.  One of the fun things about scoring Childrens Hospital, is that since the show has a loose continuity, I frequently get to come up with new themes and play them as if they had been a part of the story all along.  In this case, it’s Owen and Cat’s love theme introduced here in “Owen’s Back” as Owen sees Cat, Cat reveals she’s pregnant, and Owen drops the bomb that it’s not his baby.

The episode concludes with an epic showdown between Owen, Chief, and Owen’s former cellmate, Dr. Ron Pippen.

As always, this was an immensely fun episode to score, and the season just gets crazier from here!

Upcoming Premiers for “A Better You” and “Spare Change”

I have the extremely good fortune to have not one, but two feature films premiering in Southern California in the weeks ahead.

A Better You PosterA Better You” is a new independent dramedy directed by Matt Walsh (HBO’s “Veep”) and co-written by him and Brain Huskey (“Childrens Hospital”).  Huskey stars as a hypnotherapist who’s so enamored by his own celebrity that he can’t seem to see his own life falling to pieces around him.  Also stars Erinn Hayes, Horatio Sans, Morgan Walsh, Matt Walsh and Andy Daly.

Premiers January 30th at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Spare Change posterSpare Change” is an indie comedy co-directed by my friends Jonathan Talbert and Arturo Guzman.  Jane (Lissa Lauria), along with her best friend Lily (Elyse Levesque), hatch a plan to feign homelessness and find different, creative ways to get money from strangers.  Also stars Curt Mega, Jordy Lucas, Neil Grayston, and Jim O’Heir.

Premiers February 14th as part of the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival

So excited and thrilled to a part of both of these fantastic indie films!

They Came Together

They Came TogetherI had the privilege of co-scoring the new comedy “They Came Together” with my good friend Craig Wedren whom I’ve worked with on various other projects such as “Role Models, “Wanderlust” and “United States of Tara.”  This is the first time we’ve co-scored something together and it was a ton of fun.

How do two composers go about co-scoring a film?  This particular film was a perfect fit for us in that, in any typical “rom-com” type score, there’s a good mix of light acoustic and pop/rock cues along with big orchestra for those romantic and dramatic moments.  Craig comes from a rock/punk background from his Shudder to Think days, while I’m from a traditional orchestral background.  Since that’s where our strengths lie we essentially divided up the score between orchestral cues (me) and pop cues (Craig) with some overlap and trading off, all the while sending themes and ideas to each other.  Although that isn’t to say that Craig isn’t adept at writing orchestral cues, nor myself at writing rock, but starting with our strengths, trading off ideas, feeding off each other’s creativity and even adding in a healthy dose of one-upmanship resulted in a fun score that both of us are proud of.

The score opens with the song “Say You Love Me” which Craig wrote for the film prior to shooting.  It starts through the opening credits, introducing us to our two leads Joel and Molly (Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler).  The themes and variations on those themes introduced in the song are used throughout the entire score.

Check out “Say You Love Me” on iTunes

Here are some samples of the orchestral side of the score:

“They Came Together” on iTunes
Twitter:  @TheyCame2gether

Major gratitude to Craig and our scoring team:  Bo Boddie, Emily Kwong, Isaac Carpenter, Jefferson Friedman, and Ernest Adzentooivich

And to our collaborators David Wain (director) and Jamie Gross (Editor)

I hope everyone enjoys the film and score!

And hey guys? …  thanks

“They Came Together” opens this Friday!

“David Wain’s They Came Together is easily his best movie since Wet Hot American Summer…a spoof movie, the likes of which we haven’t seen done this well since The Naked Gun…Paul Rudd is ridiculously charming…Poehler is as funny as she’s ever been…I don’t think I’ve laughed harder or more consistently in a comedy in years.” 
- Ain’t It Cool News

After premiering at Sundance, then touring various festivals like Bonaroo, Seattle International Film Fest, Sundance London, Chicago Critics Film Festival and LA Film Fest, “They Came Together” finally opens in select theaters and on VoD this Friday, June 27th.

Theater List

Also on Friday, I’ll be posting a short post about the scoring process, including score samples, so check back then!

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