“Sperm Bank Heist” is a heist story along the lines of “Ocean’s 11″ and “Leverage.”  Like many of the show’s parodies, this episode gave me the chance to stretch, learn, and try something new (for me).  In this case, we wanted to parody Dave Holmes’ great score for “Ocean’s Eleven.”  The jazzy, downtempo, slightly trip-hop-y style was one of the more challenging scores to achieve this season, but one of the most satisfying.

Childrens Hospital S6:E7 “Up at 5″

“Up at 5″ is the annual behind-the-scenes episode for this season where the cast appears on a morning talk show to promote a Kickstarter for there upcoming “Childrens Hospital” movie.  There wasn’t a lot of score in this episode but the real fun was scoring the movie clip that airs at the end of an episode, a Mad Max-esque end of the world style action piece with our doctors imprisoned and fighting for their lives.

Childrens Hospital S6:E5 “With Great Power…” and S6:E6 “Just Like Cyrano de Bergerac”

In S6:E5 “With Great Power…” Lola discovers her pout has the power to make anyone do what she wants.  Her power backfires when used irresponsibly, like pretty much everything at Childrens Hospital and she discovers that her mentor (guest star Fred Melamed) has a similar power with his “Imperious Gaze.”  In “Facial Battle,” Lola’s pout is represented by a simple celeste arpeggio and Leonard’s imperious gaze is a dark swelling synth sound as they battle on the rooftop for control of the hospital.

Blake tries to find love in S6:E6 “Just Like Cyrano de Bergerac” and enlists the help of Glenn to “pull a Cyrano.”  As the story progresses, a whole chain of Cyrano’s is revealed.

Childrens Hospital S6:E4 “Fan Fiction”

“Fan Fiction” is one of my personal favorite episodes of Childrens Hospital so far.  When scoring, a composer will watch scenes hundreds of times, but this episode always makes me laugh no matter how many times I’ve seen it.

Like a good portion of episodes, “Fan Fiction” is a parody episode which means I get to stray from the typical score to do a sound-a-like of whatever we’re parodying to help sell the joke.  In this case, it’s “Twilight.”  I love doing these parodies as it gives me a chance to try to figure out how a particular composer does what they do, and I always learn something new.  Plus, it’s just a ton of fun.

Childrens Hospital S6:E1 “5 Years Later”

The “Previously On” in the sixth season premiere of Childrens Hospital finds the staff wrapping up their time in Japan from last season and just as they’re getting ready to head back to Brazil, Owen is arrested for betting on surgeries, a crime he was framed by Chief.  Our “Previously On” cues this season are fairly short and sweet, but this gave me the chance to use the long form version to setup a sense of accomplishment for the staff before pulling the rug out when Owen gets arrested.

We then jump 5 years ahead when Owen gets out of prison.  One of the fun things about scoring Childrens Hospital, is that since the show has a loose continuity, I frequently get to come up with new themes and play them as if they had been a part of the story all along.  In this case, it’s Owen and Cat’s love theme introduced here in “Owen’s Back” as Owen sees Cat, Cat reveals she’s pregnant, and Owen drops the bomb that it’s not his baby.

The episode concludes with an epic showdown between Owen, Chief, and Owen’s former cellmate, Dr. Ron Pippen.

As always, this was an immensely fun episode to score, and the season just gets crazier from here!

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